Location: Intersection of Vecpilsētas and Alksnāja Streets

Kaladū, kaladū – a familiar Christmas mummers’ refrain which originates in songs from Latgale and eastern Vidzeme. But the word comes originally from the Latin word calendae. Kaladū songs are known by all of the Eastern European peoples, and the Slavs particularly, have a great many. The spread of Kaladū songs in Latvia, as well, allows one to speak of traditional annual folklore as one of the most direct examples of Latvian and Slavic folklore’s interaction. Kaladū can mean anything which is connected with the winter solstice – mummery, nine foods on the table, eating one’s fill and the giving of presents.

The Kaladū installation here is an original ancient message in a modern interpretation, which symbolizes the exaggerated consumer cult in modern society. In the installation, the “magic glutton” is portrayed in his uninterrupted activity, symbolizing the continuity of the rhythm of life – “creation through gorging”.

Project idea authors and constructors: Armands Sidorovičs, Kārlis Zvans
Project sponsor: TELE 2

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