Sea routs

Adrese: Courtyard of the Art Academy of Latvia, Kalpaka Boulevard 13


Analougue projections, mixedmedia simphony.

The four dimensions of the site are linked to the relentless movement of sea routes and secrets stored by the depths of the Baltic and North Sea. The sea lanes of the nature remind us of values that do not disappear at the turn of the ages, which again and again prove themselves to be constant and eternal. The sea routes induce meta-reflection and invite you to explore the world, its history, continually extending your horizons, to find out what exists at the place where the sun disappears every night, and what happens to the sun behind the distant horizon.

Tura Ya Moya have specialised in site-specific and cross disciplinary partly analogue media installations shown internationally. The group transformed a 20-foot cargo container into an Art and projection laboratory enabling them to project images from the container onto the existing environment in public spaces.  The Nordic Art container that has travelled more than 3000 km through Greenland and Scandinavia, is now visiting Staro Riga with an installation dedicated to the roads of the sea, including works by Nordic and Latvian Art students as well as Nordic professional Artists and composers.

The show composed as a mixedmedia symphony is a 15 min. loop with following parts:

Overture: ophav
1 Sjògvur
2 jūras ceļi
3 Young Waves



Author of the project idea: HANDLE YA MOYA Artists Group (Denmark/Grenland/Germany)
Project implementer: Art Academy of Latvia and TURA YA MOYA
Project partner: Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia