ASTOR RIGA Hotel & Conference building, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica Boulevard 10

A circus troupe arrives on the moonlit, night-time roofs of urban Riga. The troupe invites us into its colourful and surprise-filled circus arena where, accompanied by an orchestra, tonight’s master of ceremonies – Riga’s rooftop black cat – greets the audience. The Circus of Light features jugglers and acrobats, Riga’s canal beaver and golden cockerel, cats on trapezes and even a magician. The video projection, executed by Portuguese artists, also features viewers from official Rīga 2014 partner Sigulda.

Project concept / execution: OCUBO (Portugal)

Project sponsors: Riga City Council, Rīga 2014 Foundation, ASTOR RIGA Hotel & Conference