Miera Street 22

Love can be felt as a gentle touch, seen clearly in the eyes of your loved one, heard when listening to affectionate words. We believe that Love can also be tasted, as Laima chocolate is made with true Love.  Watch the story of chocolate, from the genesis of cocoa beans in Africa, all the way to the masterpieces created by Laima’s artists in a fascinating interplay of light and sound on the facade of Laima Factory on Miera Street. And very soon, the largest chocolate museum in the Baltics will open its doors here.
Love grows when it is shared, which is why every visitor to the Laima story will be able to create their own unique Message of Love. Laima will delight the sweet tooths of visitors large and small with sweet wonders.
Choose Love …

Project concept and financed by NP FOODS
Project executed by and financed by Alpha Baltic