Interactive object
11. novembra krastmala 29, Valmiera City Representative Office in Rīga

In Latvia’s centenary, when the legendary Castle of Light is being played very often, the Vidzeme University creative team were concerned about whether the author of the composition, Jāzeps Vītols from Valmiera might not be tired from conducting so frequently, and therefore offered to help him out.
#izlīdziVītolam is a supplemented reality activity, which allows anyone interested, to teleport themselves from Rīga to Valmiera and end up in front of a real choir, to conduct the playing of Castle of Light as a conductor. By accurately following instructions, on can perform the composition correctly and to present the world with a little more light.
We invite you all to help Vītols, to experience today’s technology and, the main thing, a virtual environment created by knowledgeable minds. Indulge in the new experience, amuse yourselves and at the same time, strengthen one of the foundation stones of our music.

Project concept author, implementation and sponsor: Vidzeme University
Project collaboration partners: Valmiera Art High School and the Valmiera City Representative Office in Rīga