Interactive scenographic light installation

This contemporary art installation has been created as a stylized stage‐hippodrome, where visitors are invited to select their horse and to join a mysterious race‐reflection.
The story is about us and our interaction with our country, combining the motifs of Auseklis’ Castle of Light and Rainis’ Golden Horse, giving them a new age hip hop psychedelic framework and the secretive aesthetic of David Lynch. The installation is like a visual rebus about what the people of Latvia have experienced from antiquity until today and has been reflected in a surreal way. The hypertrophied images cannot be unilaterally interpreted – similarly to the contrasts within ourselves and the contradictions in the direction in which the country is going.
Being able to live with bitter experience and endure it, to be able to learn to perceive the path to the light.
To find the unifying code and right words for the people, so that the stately castle rises with the princess sleeping on its summit.

Project concept authors: Katrīna Kalniņa and Andris Pudāns
Project implementation: Vertigo RīgaAssociation
Project collaboration partner: HintsAgency