The square in front of the Riga City Council Customer Service Centre
Brīvības Street section between Lāčplēša Street and Ģertrūdes Street

The Green Land – the symbol of the nature of Latvia – is an important part of feeling at home in Latvia. The windings of the river Daugava, the picturesque Gaiziņš hill, the Baltic Sea, the cold dew on Midsummer morning and the abundance of autumn colours – it all characterizes the variety and richness of the nature in Latvia. The nature in Latvia is admired by everyone that comes to visit and finds the time to view the Green Land of Latvia. The Green Land is our treasure and pride – The Green Land of Latvia nourishes us and is present when searching for the feeling of being at home.

During the light festival “Staro Rīga”, in an illuminated section of Brīvības Street, everyone has the opportunity to sense what the Green Land of Latvia is through sound and light.

Authors and implementers of the object: Kārlis Lapiņš, Pro1 Stage