Video projection, light and sound installation, multimedia performance

Museum of Art Riga Bourse, Doma laukums 6

Scenes from Venice in three dimensions, readings of poems by Dante Joseph and Brodsky, music by Antonio Vivaldi – this journey through time and space is a tribute to Gondola, a work of art by world-famous Russian artist Dmitry Gutova, specially created for Museum of Art Riga Bourse.

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Project concept: Roberts Rubīns and Leonarda Ķestere

Project implemented by MRS Group

Project sponsor: Boris and Ināra Tetereva Foundation

Project partners: CG Ant Motion Graphics & Design Studio, VPT Serviss, Viktors Keino, Gaco, Uģis Vītiņš, Jura Podnieka studija and Dekorāciju darbnīca