Location: Kalēju iela from Audēju to Kungu iela

The goal of the art project is a message, which is made up of twelve statements consecutively arranged on Kalēju iela in Vecrīga, between Audēju iela and Kungu iela. Two different stories emerge for the pedestrian reading these, depending on the direction in which they are heading.

The aesthetically pleasing formation of these objects attracts the attention of passers-by, the text creating a desire to find out the continuation of the story and to discover the meaning of each message. The themes are widely understandable and are provided in a direct, realistic way to address as wide an audience as possible.

The contents of the message have been created by the project authors selecting from quotations by two groups of people, who are often considered to be opposites – artists and criminals, who represent creative and destructive poles within the consciousness of a large part of society. “Long streets for short stories” takes these statements out of context, to create stories about death and love from them. At the same time, these stories which have been created from “opposite” points of view by using traditional advertising methods, draw attention to the current problem of manipulation by the media.

Project idea authors: MOOV + Miguel Faro (Portugal), www.moov.tk
Project constructor: SIA “Rain Project”
Project producer: Tallinn Festival of Light (Mtü Valgusfestival)
Project sponsors: Rīga City Council, Mtü Valgusfestival

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