Location: The new Latvian National Library building

Just like during these recent November evenings, a light will be illuminated in each of the windows of Latvia’s new National Library building in two years time as well – on the 18th November 2012. A light, which it will be impossible to extinguish as long as there are people in Latvia who consider the accumulation of knowledge to be important, who, feel love in their hearts for those closest to them and want to hold up a candle for Latvia.

In 2014, Rīga will become the European Capital of Culture and the Castle of Light next to the dark and tranquil Daugava will be the capital city’s new symbol and venue for events.

The doors of this building will always be open and the lights in its windows illuminated, to show the way to you and your guests.

In November 2008 – at the first Festival of Light “Staro Rīga”, the size of the building was outlined on the library’s building site, with the assistance of lighting. Two years have passed and now the size of the real building can be appreciated. During the Festival of Light the building’s construction site will be illuminated allowing one to see the emerging building across the Daugava.

Vote for the best light object of the Festival!
If you think this object is the best – send STAR03 to telephone number 1188.
Cost per SMS – at the usual rate charged for an SMS by your mobile phone operator.
Voting commences at 18.00 on 18th November and closes at 23.00 on 21st November.
Vote on the DELFI portal in the special “Staro Rīga” news section
Voting starts on the 18th November at 18.00 and finishes at 24.00 on the 25th November.