VEF Kultūras pils

Sea of Light project has been created by a Portuguese association light artists Ocubo and represents the experiences of children from four European countries in a fantasy world created by themselves.
Hundreds of Portuguese, Estonian, Latvian and Slovenian children’s drawings interplay with the young artists themselves in a monumental video-mapping work of art, created through the Portuguese artists visiting each of the countries.
In the film, the children seek adventure with seabed dwellers of their own creation, decorate the facade of the building, escape from sharks, are delighted by their own created fantasy world and finally greet visitors from the decks of their intensely multi-coloured ship.
The young creators of this work of art and their individual art works will come to life in the Sea of Light on the facade of Riga’s VEF Kultūras pils.

15-18 November, 18:00-23:00

Project concept: Ocubo (Nuno Maya, Carole Purnelle), Portugal
Project developer: Ocubo (Nuno Maya, Carole Purnelle), Portugal, I Did It association, Make Art association
Project financed by Riga City Council, EU SPECTRUM project co-financing
Project partner: Rīga International School of Economics and Business Administration, RISEBA