Pāles Street 14/2

The village of Strazdumuiža, in Jugl,a is home to a small park with an ancient fountain next to the 18th century manor house. When its lanterns are lit, coloured lights flow from the fountain, recalling the carefree flowing water of past times. The fountain invites visitors to listen to poetry by blind people and the manor’s facade comes back to life in a dance of light. The manor opens up its veranda, revealing the village’s past and present in photographs, the stately old tree is illuminated.
Strazdumuiža village developed during the Soviet period as an industrial workers’ community, specially for blind people. Currently, Strazdumuiža village is managed by the Latvian Society of the Blind.

Project concept: Svetlana Lobanova, Latvian Society of the Blind
Project developer: Latvian Society of the Blind
Project financed by Riga City Council
Project partners: Vilks Audio