Light installation
Skolas Street 15, Kaņepes Culture Centre

One hundred residents of Rīga, donating their dearest lamp for the duration of the project, took part in the creation of the Garden of Light installation. Each of them is unique and with their own story and they celebrate the creation and well-being of our society like little monuments, in a similar way to the 100 candles on a birthday cake.
Each lamp represents one city resident and visualises our diversity in this city. The diversity of their colours, forms and materials provides us with an opportunity to see the diversity of the residents of the city through this quite mundane, but personal and special light object.
The main goal of the project is to visualise the power of getting together and the ability to create a connection between people in creating the light installation, which will decorate one of the favourite gardens in Rīga throughout the Staro Rīga festival.

Project concept author: Alberto di Gennaro
Project implementation: Kaņepes Laikmetīgās Kultūras centrsassociation