University of Latvia, Raiņa Boulevard 19

The story is about the set of knowledge and skills that serve as a crucial survival kit in the development of mankind; that can be used in the pursuit of wealth and happiness. Over time, knowledge has developed and evolved through notable thinkers and creative public figures – great minds. The central University of Latvia building is illuminated by light installations, colours interplaying in a stylised video story of thinkers, scientists and discoveries from ancient times to the present day.

Venue times:
15 November from 21.00-23.00,
16, 17, 18 November from 19.00–23.00

Project concept: Madars Štramdiers, Uldis Kazaks, Laima Kraulliša, Jūlija Kellerte
Project developer: Radio NABA
Project financed by Riga City Council, University of Latvia
Project partners: 3S, Melo Records, PXB,, University of Latvia