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Brīvības Street 35

Cultural heritage stores the foundation of the promptitude necessary for doing everyday tasks as well as having fun and celebrating holidays. The knowledge, skills and abilities that have been passed on from one generation to the next still create the feeling of being at home. Puzuri are traditional Latvian room ornaments made of reed or straws, corn culms, and bent-grass, decorated with paper, feathers, colourful worsteds, eggshells, wood shavings and other natural materials. In former times, puzuri were used to decorate venues for various celebrations (including weddings). They were hung above dinner tables, cradles as well as other places.

The puzuri that make up the installation and are created based on authentic instructions remind us not only of our cultural heritage through the times but also let us see old-fashioned ornaments in a modern light.

Authors and implementers of the object: Edgars Apīnis, DJ Monsta, Ideju Institūts