Venue: Atklāj Rīgu/Reveal Riga Exhibition Hall – Aldaru Street 5, building facade

The basis of the Emograph interactive project is a peculiar device that converts heartbeats into music and dazzling mosaics, moreover the musical accompaniment and movement of the images is wholly determined by the ‘information’ in the hearts of visitors.

The task for Emograph visitors is simple; to place their finger in the device and watch the mosaic created by their heartbeat, its image dependent on each individual, but impossible to influence knowingly.

In parallel, every Emograph visitor can inspect the different parts of the peculiar device and find out how information from the heart, flowing through different devices is transformed into a work of art.

A Staro Rīga 2012 project returning home from appearances at light festivals in Portugal, Slovenia and Estonia and offering everyone the chance to discover how their heart ‘radiates’ and ‘resounds’.

Concept and project developer: I Did It Association