Audio-visual performance
Bruņinieku Street 57, inner-courtyard of the LCC Latvian College of Culture

A new dark age has commenced. Mankind have learned how to emit light, digging it out of the ground, sifting through the earth, drilling deeply. Mankind is producing new, unprecedented sources of light – bulbs and screens with slogans and revolutionary calls – “We are bringing you light, to your dwellings and huts! We are bringing it to parks and the flow of streets! We will plant it in your minds!”
Robots and cars have been bred, replacing people to calculate, sort substances, split atoms, generate molecules and drain light from water and smoke.
We are manufacturing gadgets – with fine threads of nerves, capable of intuition, faster and imperceptible to the mind.
But mankind is sinking in its comfortable chairs at the zenith of comfort of their EGO, blending in rippling bubbles of pixels, sinking in wellbeing, unmoving, artificial light switches on of its own volition, becomes covered by layers of technology, coalescing with imaginary spaces.

Project concept authors: LCC Latvian College of Culture’s students
Project implementation and sponsor: LCC Latvian College of Culture
Project collaboration partners: Kompānija NA and VPT