Location: Ķengarags, banks of the Daugava from Kaņieru Street to Kvadrāta Street

Daugava promenade – favourite walk of Riga’s residents!

Now that the dark evenings of autumn and winter are here, Rīga beams at Ķengarags too, on the Daugava promenade. The setting up of Festival lighting from Kaņieru Street to Kvadrāta Street in December 2009, was undertaken by the Rīga Council’s “Rīgas gaisma” Agency after being commissioned by Rīga’s Eastern Executive Board.

Rīga’s Eastern Executive Board has for many years developed and improved this beautiful place along the Daugava’s banks, promoting people’s well being and connection with nature.

Anyone can go for a daily walk or bike ride along the Daugava promenade, engage in sporting activities, play chess and tennis, or simply – gaze at the waters of the Daugava and listen to the birds.

A new environmental design object “Velosipēds” [Bicycle] was opened this year in September on the Daugava promenade, and has become a favourite object of residents and tourists alike in just a few months.

Project constructors: Rīga’s Eastern Executive Board, “Rīgas gaisma”

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