The Freedom Monument
* – on November 18, the object is available for viewing from 21:20

Patriotism and a sense of statehood once motivated people to donate towards building the Freedom Monument that became the national symbol of Latvia. The thirteen sculptural groups and relieves of the monument, depict the history and culture of Latvia, the symbols that they include tell a story of the bravery of its people, their cultural aesthetics and the power of their ethical sources. The Freedom Monument celebrates its 80th birthday this year – it was unveiled in November 18, 1935.

The audio-visual performance emphasizes and celebrates the structural groups thus finding the feeling of being at home in patriotism and showing the monument in a new light. The performance includes the song “Trīs zvaigznes” (“Three Stars”) by Jānis Lūsēns and Māra Zālīte.

Authors and implementers of the object: Māris Kalve, Kalvestudija, Eventech