Brīvības Boulevard 36

Brīvība – Freedom; simultaneously fragile and profound, emotional and restrained, real and utopian. How does it feel to be free? What does freedom mean to you? For some it is security, peace, the coexistence of cultures. For others it is freedom of speech, religion and movement, and for others still freedom is Latvia, family, home and delight in the dawning of a new day.
Illumination of the Cabinet building is like a kaleidoscope of freedom, reflecting its diverse facets and added values, at the heart of which is humanity. And the best gift to receive on Latvia’s 95the birthday is freedom, being aware of and valuing it.
The lighting project is executed as a synergy of video projection, interplay of lights, music and text.
The project was created with the participation of Latvia’s people. Thanks to everyone who was involved!

Project concept: State Chancellery, 3K Management
Project developer: State Chancellery, 3K Management, ProSound, KT Serviss
Project financed by Riga City Council, State Chancellery, 3K Management, ProSound
Project partners: Latvenergo Koncerns, 3K Management, ProSound