Name of the project: THE BOX OF MIRACLES

Place: Daugavgrīva, the square at the intersection of Parādes Street and Flotes Street

Over the centuries the city of Riga has learned to express itself in a variety of events, mysteries, magic and miracles. Surprises occur at every step. During the celebration of Riga’s 810th anniversary, on the sand hill began the Magical Closet’s story of the ancient port that created a city in the water.

Authors of the project: Elita Migačeva, Andris Podāns

Project implementer: The Association of Latvian Comprehensive School Art Teachers

Project sponsor: Riga City Council

Project partners: Freeport of Riga, Club of Electronics at the Technical University of Riga, SIA Vilori, project Six creative thinking caps, project School at the cost of the Daugava: Riga 29th Secondary School, Riga 94th Secondary School, Riga 41st Secondary School, Āgenskalns State Gymnasium