Observation Tower on the grounds of Ziemeļblāzma Palace of Culture (Ziemeļblāzma Street 36, Vecmilgrāvis)

After the most extensive reconstruction in its history, Ziemeļblāzma Palace of Culture is once again flourishing in all its glory and has become a major cultural centre; not just for the city’s northern districts, but for the whole of Riga and Latvia. The newly built observation tower on the palace grounds, the highest point in the area, is also clearly visible from different directions; serving as a kind of lighthouse on the map of Riga for this area and attracting visitors from near and far.
During the Festival of Light, the tower is illuminated at different levels, from the bottom of the stairs, including the facade and all the way up to the viewing platform at the top. With its dynamic lighting effects, video projections and musical accompaniment, the tower symbolises the rebirth and majesty of the palace. At the same time, the shimmering tower is like a lighthouse with rays just as Ziemeļblāzma (Aurora Borealis), lighting up the whole neighbourhood. Illustrating the thought underlying why the palace’s founder Augusts Dombrovskis chose the name Ziemeļblāzma: aurora rays light up all those who strive for spiritual and cultural light – the ideal, distant star.

Project concept: Ziemeļblāzma Palace of Culture working party
Project developer: Association of Riga City Council Cultural Institutions Ziemeļblāzma Palace of Culture
Project financed by Association of Riga City Council Cultural Institutions
Project partner: 3S