Torņa iela 1, façade of the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall

Celebratory speeches and good wishes to our country and its people have been heard during the entire period of existence of the state of Latvia, through various political systems as well as through the individual prisms of vision of shining personalities. The most outstanding creative personalities, politicians and activists of the 20th century have left their mark in the field of culture in the past century, and today as well, due to their knowledge, values and ability to implement their plans.
A viewpoint exists that people’s traditional ornaments are information carriers over time and land. Many layers of information can be found in the Lielvārde Belt. During the festival, the façade of the LNMA’s ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall will become a carrier of information – portraits and voices from the celebratory speeches of 20th century Latvian personalities, lying layer upon layer, marking the graphic elements of the Lielvārde Belt. Woven in light, the Lielvārde Belt has woven into it, knowledge about what Latvia is, was and will be.

Projekta idejas autors un realizētājs: Latvijas Nacionālais mākslas muzejs
Projekta sadarbības partneri: LR KM Latvijas valsts simtgades birojs, Ineta Sipunova, SIA “VPT grupa”