Facade of the Atklāj Rīgu Exhibition Hall, Aldaru iela 5

Atklāj Rīgu (Reveal Riga) Exhibition Hall, currently nearing completion, is inviting the public to view the eight-century long history of Riga as part of “Staro Rīga” Festival of Light. For just a few days, the facade of the building at Aldaru Street 5 will once again come to life. It will be transformed, because the building itself will be transformed – having become home of “100 Things You Didn’t Know About Riga” exhibition. If you can, come in and have a look at some of the components of this future exposition and discover Riga!

Atklāj Rīgu exhibition hall is located in a historic Old Town warehouse building on Aldaru Street 5. The exhibition hall is inviting visitors and residents of Riga, of all ages, to explore the restored historic building; and view the permanent exhibition covering its five floors: 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Rīga (the completed exhibition will be unveiled in January 2014). In addition to the permanent exhibition, the exhibition hall will regularly host a variety of themed expositions. The exhibition hall was developed by Atklāj Rīgu association, which acts with the aim of collecting, documenting and preserving evidence concerning Riga’s history.

Project concept: Atklāj Rīgu association
Project developer: UNTITLED pasākums