Līvu Square


Floor lamps, we are used to see in our living rooms, have morphed into gigantic outdoor versions. With the onset of dark the displayed white lamp shades will shine different colors, creating a colorful kaleidoscope fragment as well as a modern and homey relaxation spot in Līvu Square.


Created by a French artistic group from TILT studio; their projects encompass various light art aspects. TILT, through its art, aims to change people’s preconception about their surroundings. Object’s new placement and the changing of atmosphere encourages the viewer to gain new experiences and form new ideas concerning a multitude of places within a city.  This Festival’s light installation exhibition, in various interpretations, has already been displayed in many European and world light festivals such as: Brussels, Berlin, Quebec, Montreal, Amsterdam, Lozanna, Lion and many other cities in France.


Project author: TILT

Local production: “Staro 100” Foundation, UNTITLED pasākums

Financed by: Rīgas Gaisma