AB Jetty
(the object can be viewed from 11. Novembra Krastmala)
* – on November 18, the object is available for viewing from 21:15

The first instant of daybreak, the moment the light starts its journey across the sky – the beginning of everything new. It is a testimony to light’s victory over darkness and it is the feeling of being at home that makes one want to get up, change, and create. The installation of light beams in the city environment reveals the main idea of this year’s concept – encouragement to continually reach towards the light, not just physical light, but also the light of the spirit – to search, not to stop at what is already achieved, and to strive for new horizons.

The light installation is made of high-power lighting systems, the beams of which are visible in Daugavmala as well as from a greater distance in the city.

Authors and implementers of the object: Normunds Bļasāns, Ivars Vācers, Kompānija NA