Riga Technical University’s facade / Kalķu Street 1

The light show is a part of an intriguing public art series organized by the fund “ART NEEDS SPACE” (“MĀKSLAI VAJAG TELPU”); with an aim to pay attention to contemporary art, to popularize Latvian art and to inspire society for discussions about the necessity of Latvian Contemporary Art Museum.

The idea of this spectacular show is to delight and surprise residents and guests of Riga with bright and interactive 3D light and video installation, as well as invite people to stop for a moment and imagine the new museum.

Each visitor of the festival will be offered to take part directly in constructing the museum – to look at the world well-known contemporary art museums right here in Riga as well as to have a look into the future; when Latvia will celebrate it’s centenary by receiving Latvian Contemporary Art Museum as present.

During the festival everybody is invited to find out to which of the contemporary art artists each of us resemble.

Fill in the test www.gliemez.is and vote for the necessity of Latvian Contemporary Art Museum!