Alberta square

A sound of gentle steps can be heard in the distance. As a shadow of a mystery character appears, windows on the facade of the building light up. The light is evolving – it creates light seeds that grow into flowers. The flowers then come into life and turn into dozens of flowers. Everything is in bloom and alive. Until suddenly – it is dark again. A sound of gentle steps can be heard in the distance. And life starts all over again.

Out of the dark, the light is born. And a brand-new life, a new substance is created by the light. By fading out, it gives life to something new. It seems endless, this circle of life. But even the eternity is just a fragile moment, nothing more. This multidimensional video projection “Circle of life” has been produced by 3D mapping artists of “The Fourth Dimension”, and this is their first project in Latvia.


Project author: The Fourth Dimension (Belarus)

Local production: Foundation “Atklāj Rīgu”

Project financed by: Rīga City Council, Calendar for Latvia’s culture and entertainment events kaskurkad.lv

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