Vērmanes Garden Park

The sense of wonder revealed by light widens the boundaries of perception and the physical notion. The light object “Reflexio” is an imaginary space in contrast to reality and it challenges the perceptual basis of spatial representation. The apparent continuation of the environment creates a special relationship between objects and their representation, image and reflection, tangible – intangible, city – nature. The authors of this project achieve the interaction of the perception created by light with objects, movement, space, as well as their reflections, looking for parallels between the landscape and the body shapes and movements. The object is on exhibit in Tallinn, Vilnius, Rīga and Gdansk as part of the “Baltic Light Chain” project.

Due to environmental peculiarities, the object is exhibited differently in each country.

Authors and implementers of the object: Rūta Palionyte (Lithuania), Grete Veskival (Estonia), Krista Dintere (Latvia), Beepositive, Atklāj Rīgu