Sapņu Fabrika, Lāčplēša Street 101


A project dedicated to sunlight, where light has a leading role. Sunlight is everchanging, immaterial, untouchable and an essential visible energy to us all. Taking inspiration from the sun and daylight’s never ending changes, this poetical light installation will become a bridge between you and momentary sensory instances. Evenings covered in golden light, the glow of winter’s brisk mornings or the quiet moment before dark sets in. See how light’s character changes amidst various midnight instances and how it affects us?

Every visitor is invited to become part of the performance. ZI temp.dance will ensure that the more unique installation’s moments are filled with unbreakable light, humanistic entities and arts aspects.


Project author: Katrina Kalnina

Production: Katrina Kalnina, Light Projection Workshop, Trentini,


Financed by: Rīga City Council, TRENTINI

rd trentini