Valdemāra iela, by the Art Academy of Latvia


Crystallized is an audio-visual light installation that has been inspired by the bismuth crystal. Various spectacular light reflections appear as the light meets the glossy surfaces. They move about, interact and take spectator’s breath away. The reflections are moving through all the transparent layers that compose the installation. It is for a good reason the creators have compared this installation to a crystal, for all the spectacular light and shimmer it creates.

The authors of this installation are THÉORIZ – an art & technology studio from France that is well known in the whole of Europe and around the world. The team is made of professional engineers and visual artists. They specialize in building immersive experiences, interactive installations and audio-visual shows, as well as providing technical expertise for large-scale projects. The company has large experience working with innovative materials and technologies, from video mapping to robotics as well as virtual and augmented reality.


Project author: THÉORIZ (France)

Local production: Foundation “Atklāj Rīgu”

Project financed by: Rīga City Council, Calendar for Latvia’s culture and entertainment events kaskurkad.lv

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