Vērmanes Garden Open-air Stage

Have you ever considered how many different types of transport Riga has seen over the times? Imagine that on the bank of Riga’s river a fishing boat rests yet decades later an Orman carriage rides alongside and later yet, fancy limousines, trams, and young boys’ faces pointing to the sky at awe of air ships. Decades have changed Riga’s transport and will continue to do so until they become unrecognizable. “Through the Decades” is a picture story of Riga’s road vehicles, water transport and air ships.

Project’s creative group invites all residents and visitors to partake in an enchanting journey through Riga’s decades. Follow along this technical installation’s developed stories about Riga’s history. The leading roles in this story have been given to a wide array of transport.

Project author and producer: “UNTITLED events”
Financed by Riga City Council and Culture and Recreation Calendar of Latvia ‘kaskurkad.lv’

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