Rīga canal, by the Latvian National Opera and Ballet


Nothing holds one’s attention more than movement itself. Simply with a few dots moving in the air, in a way that is precise and meaningful, the brain cannot escape from the subtlety of the movement. Motion and emotion are completely interwoven. This connection creates a very powerful reaction in the brain, leading the viewer to unconsciously join the dots together.  The viewer is suddenly confronted by a living moment, where the pure essence of life appears.

Enjoying this moment of peace and tranquility is a person in a small boat, rowing down the river, leaving behind them their frantic and hectic world.

The artist’s choice of the title came from him being inspired by a famous quote from French poet, Alfred de Musset, ‘The glass I drink from is not large, but at least it is my own.’

“Staro Rīga” spectators have already been able to see two other sculptures by Rémi Brun – The Galloping Horse in 2010 and Loopy Lou in 2014. This new sculpture has been created with a similar, but slightly more complicated technology than his previous installations. This kinetic sculpture of many moving LED’s will be floating on the city canal with its oars, going partly underwater, increasing the illusion of a boat with a person rowing. The installation can be viewed from any angle so the audience can fully experience and enjoy the illusion.


Project author: Remi Brun (France)

Local production: Foundation “Atklāj Rīgu”

Project financed by: Rīga City Council

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