Courtyard of Mazā Pils iela 17

A dreamlike atmosphere welcomes, embraces and engages the audience with an ever-changing interactive choreography that interprets and re-defines the space with laser beams and evocative sounds.

Visitors can walk freely through a network of red laser beams interweaved at ground level across the whole courtyard of ‘The Three Brothers’ historical building. Each laser beam, when crossed, triggers a specific musical note from a suggestive set of tailored sounds, and at the same time, activates a related laser mapping projection in the air that highlights selected geometries, details and shapes of the surrounding architectural façades.

A dynamic and contemplative audiovisual experience that transfers the audience beyond the physical space.

Author Marcello Arosio and AreaOdeon (Italy) 
Implemented by STARO 100 Association
Project sponsor: Rīga City Council