Riga canal in front of Jēkaba barracks

In the far away distance, dark and empty cosmos light is born. The dark splitting light ray begins its journey through the cosmos unforgettable distances to, perhaps a never-ending journey, reach Earth. The video was inspired by lights speed and its incomprehensible existence.

With the help of a high-power projection apparatus on will be able to see as a new landscape is formed on the canal. A mass scale water screen will color and light up the city’s surrounding darkness. This art object will be formed by taking advantage of its environment’s assets and with light and color effects a new reality will emerge on the water front; a story about light’s odyssey through the cosmos; star systems, planets all the way to Earth.

Project author and producer: “UNTITLED events”
Financed by Riga City Council, Culture and Recreation Calendar of Latvia ‘kaskurkad.lv’

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