Jēkaba Kazarmas, Torna Street 4, 2A-201


One associates Liepaja with wind, music, art, and a unique atmosphere. An atmosphere created in part by the city’s cleanliness, unique architectural design as well as Liepājas heart; its residents.

Light and music installation “A Greeting from Liepaja” wishes to forward its atmosphere to the residents of Rīga. An aim to remind everyone to say “I love you” to all those that are dear to us. When was the last time you said these words? Was it your mother, father, life partner, friend or your child? Nowadays the most common way of communicating is with the help of technology; some with a radio, others by internet or phone. However, no matter how we look at that interaction remains a note, news, a piece of communication.

Liepāja’s greeting to Rīga states “Let light shine within every heart.” This light display will be accompanied by specially composed piece of music by marimba master Rihards Zalupe.

Agnese Melbarde is an artist who, at times harshly and poignantly, expresses her individualistic view of the world through a wide variety of artistic means. A person and their inner soul are most important to her. The new artist provokes viewers by morphing reality, enriching it with a gamut of effects and developing an emotion filled greeting.


Project authors: Liepāja Municipality, Agnese Melbarde, Rihards Zilupe

Production: UNO MOSSA SIA

Financed by: Liepāja Municipality